About GeniusHeat

GeniusHeat is a GmbH founded in September 2019 with the objective of selling and distributing license rights to an innovative patent.

This includes, among other things, the technology of heating conveyor belts in a manufacturing process. 


Your manufacturing process includes the addition of heat to your products? With our patent you will be able to increase your effectivity tremendously, which means: You will save time, energy, space and even personnel costs. 

Our highly innovative hot conveyor technology provides heat exactly where it is needed: at the beginning, in the middle, at the end and even at several points in your production and manufacturing process.

Applications of temperature up to 800°C Celcius (depending on the material), as well as suitability for food safety are feasible. 

Possible  Applications are: conveyor belt within the production of baking products, preheating of material as a step of production preparation (example given: oil production), processing of metals and many many more. 

By the use of this low-voltage technology, which provides an ecological heating circuit, you are able to reduce CO² emmision in a sustainable way. 

It is also possible to apply voltage up to 380V (depending on the legth of the conveyor belt).



Thomas Rollinger


Technology and Development

Beate Hofmeister


Sales and Consulting

Laura Frühauf

Online Marketing Managerin

Sales and Marketing
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